Towards Mediocrity

The Contract Campaign published a new report, "Towards Mediocrity: Administrative Mismanagement and the Decline of UC Education: What Can Be Done to Address Our Public Education Crisis," which depicts a damning picture of the destruction of public higher education that we as academic workers experience everyday.

The report concludes;
"In a research institution like the UC, a primary factor in undergraduate engagement is the undergrad-graduate ratio. Thus, graduate support is key to the quality of all UC education, and yet we watch as our graduate programs decline. Lack of quality education hits underrepresented students the hardest. In other words, class size and quality of education is a question of access for underrepresented minorities. The problem sits with both state funding and UC priorities. However, there are crucial solutions within close reach and increased graduate support is a key element to the solution."

Read the full report here: http://www.uaw2865.org/?p=3541. The solution is a contract campaign based on grassroots mobilizations and empowerment, that demands both Raises and Roses!

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