More than a Paycheck: AWDU+ Aggressively Bargaining for You!

Our Bargaining Goals
Over the last year and a half we have had countless individual and department level conversations, developed stewards networks on several campuses to engage in sustained connection with members, conducted over 6,000 bargaining surveys, and had many conversations at regional and statewide union meetings.  Through these we’ve developed the following goals:
  • We are teachers: we are the front-line educators and researchers in the UCs and we can see the challenges of quality of education from up close. This means that we are negotiating about class size, student-TA ratios, the risks of uncontrolled online ed, and about the effects of these challenges on access to higher education for students from economically disadvantaged communities and people of color.  It also means that we recognize how the quality of our jobs affects the quality of education in the UCs.
  • We are a community: we are negotiating to ensure that ALL ASEs can find work that is supportive and safe. We are negotiating on several anti-discrimination proposals and conducting campaigns to support workers from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.
  • We are UC workers today: many of us will be employed as ASEs throughout our four to eight years of graduate school. Many of us support children, parents, grandparents, partners, and other family members. UC Management told us, “It’s not like you’re going to be in this situation for your life.”  This is our lives. We are negotiating to ensure accessible childcare, affordable housing, quality health care, and increased wages to be able to live quality lives while we are employed at the UC.

Mobilized Members for Strengthened Strategy
Our work goes far beyond the bargaining table. AWDU members are actively working with faculty, other UC unions, student government, other educators, state politicians, alumni, and others to engage UC Management in making the changes we seek. Our better contract will not be won by the 15 people at the bargaining table, it will be won by us all, fighting with allies for a better UC.

Get InvolvedContact us today at awdupluscontractcampaign@gmail.com

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